The new Buckinghamshire Council would bring access to local services, accountability and decision-making direct to people’s doorsteps.

The business case includes plans for:

Community Hubs: Community Hubs in each of the 19 Community Board areas would provide a base for a number of public services, including the new Buckinghamshire Council. It means residents, particularly vulnerable people who might be unable to travel very far, would be able to access a wide range of services from a place that is local to them – all under one roof.

Community Boards: Nineteen Community Boards would serve Buckinghamshire’s towns and villages, enabling local councillors to take decisions on issues such as funding for community groups and local roads maintenance. They would meet regularly in each area and the public would be encouraged to attend alongside town and parish councils, police, fire, and health organisations.

Parish/ Town Delivery Partnership: Parish and Town Councils would have the opportunity to take on more services and community assets if they choose to, from public toilets and parks to support for the isolated and footpath repairs.

Clearer accountability: The number of councillors sitting on ‘principal’ authorities in Bucks would reduce from 238 to 98, saving £1.2m and delivering clearer local accountability.

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