Better Value

There is a financial imperative to modernise local government in Buckinghamshire

It's no secret that councils are having their budgets squeezed, leading to huge pressures on services.

Government funding, which was more than £85m for Buckinghamshire's county and district councils in 2010, will be reduced to zero by 2020.cutting-red-tape-to-save-taxpayers-millions-of-pounds-to-invest-in-their-priorities

Every penny counts - and cutting the bureaucratic and costly layers of local government will make hard-pressed taxpayers' money go further, ensuring quality council services are maintained and improved.

Reducing back-office duplication which currently exists with having four districts and a county council, for example in personnel and finance departments, will save millions of pounds.

One Buckinghamshire-wide unitary council would also enjoy improved economies of scale and increased buying power.

A new Buckinghamshire-wide unitary council would:

  • Save taxpayers more than £18m a year.
  • Deliver total savings of more than £45m in the first five years.
  • Deliver significantly more savings than other models, such as dividing the county into North and South unitary authorities.


The one Unitary option offers the highest potential level of financial savings. This is because the formation of a single Unitary offers the greatest scope to reduce duplication in areas such as management, property and service optimisation."

Independent 2014 EY report commissioned by Buckinghamshire Business First